Why Camp Gladiator?

Camp Gladiator has fitness for the masses, bringing all-star certified trainers to convenient locations at an affordable price. Camp Gladiator can only be deemed as a movement. A wave of positive, life-changing energy that sweeps through a community. Camp Gladiator's mission is to positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible. Camp Gladiator promises a challenging workout in a motivating environment where men and women of all ages and fitness levels can push themselves to reach their goals.

How long is each camp?

All camps are four weeks of unlimited sessions, Monday through Saturday, and each workout session is one hour. We ask that all new campers arrive 10 - 15 minutes early on your first workout to check-in and meet your trainer.

Who can attend?

CG is for all fitness levels! It's a go at your own pace workout designed for men and women of all ages and abilities. We have everyone from collegiate athletes to 75 year old grandparents who do our program. Your trainer will know how to motivate, push and accommodate all different fitness levels. So, don't be intimidated - everyone can do it!

What types of workouts will I experience?

CG is a full body functional workout program that combines strength plus cardio in every 60 minute session. Each workout is different and each week we focus on something different: endurance training, strength and conditioning, interval training, and peak week. The workouts are challenging but fun and it's always a positive environment.

What do I need to bring?

Bring water, towel, mat and dumbbells to each workout. A CG Mat is highly recommended because it is designed for outdoor use and is much more comfortable and durable than the typical fitness mat. You can purchase a CG Mat here. If you do not have a mat or dumbbells for your first workout, no worries, your trainer will have extra. Women are recommended 8-15 lb dumbbells and men are recommended 12-15 lb dumbbells.

What if I have an injury?

No problem! Your trainer can give you modifications if you have an injury that prevents you from doing certain exercises. Just see them before the workout so that they can help recommend modifications.

Is camp ever cancelled due to weather?

We never cancel! Rain, shine, sleet or snow, there will always be a trainer present to greet you with a big CG smile! Most locations have an alternate spot where they meet if there is inclement weather. See your trainer for details. Download the CG App for iOS or Android for convenient access to alternate locations and to receive notifications when available.

How can I see all of the locations around me?

As a CG camper, you are able to attend any and all locations nationwide! Find locations here.
You can also find locations and check-in at camp by downloading the CG App on iOS or Android.

If I like Camp Gladiator, what price will I pay to continue?

Consecutive campers have the option to join CG BOLD 6+ for $89 per month for a six month minimum commitment, CG BOLD 12+ for $69 per month for a twelve month minimum commitment, or $129 for the next four week camp only.

What is BOLD?

BOLD is Camp Gladiator's exclusive membership with rewards. Campers who sign up for BOLD receive the best possible deal and additional savings. Campers can choose BOLD 12+, $69 per month for a 12 month minimum commitment, or BOLD 6+, $89 per month for a minimum 6 month commitment. BOLD pricing is based on monthly payments, rather than the camp cycle.


When will my payment date be if I am BOLD?

If you decide to upgrade to BOLD during a camp that you have already paid for (or received for free) then your due date becomes the date of that camp's Monday of BOLD Week. For example, if you upgrade during the January camp (Jan 4 - Jan 30) that was paid for on December 17, then you will not be charged for your first month until February 1 (Monday of BOLD Week). All future draft dates will be the 1st of every month.

What can I expect after I sign-up for Total Transformation?

Total Transformation includes camp, CG FIT and an exclusive Total Transformation T-shirt. Download the CG App for your phone to access camp locations for check in and for CG FIT. In the CG FIT portion of the CG App, you will find body composition testing days, times and locations, nutritional guidance, and all tracking.

What should I expect from my body fat testing?

The InBody body fat testing machine is minimally invasive, only requires you to take off your shoes and takes approximately 3 minutes. The results of the test will tell you your total body water, dry lean mass, lean body mass, body fat mass, weight, skeletal muscle mass (SMM), body mass index along with percent body fat. All of this will be used by the machine to give you your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which will be used to determine your daily caloric intake for the nutritional component.

The specific In-Body you test on will also store a composition history meaning you will not have to keep up with your numbers so long as you test in and out at the same location and on the same machine. When you go to test in and test out, your numbers will be saved by a unique identifier (pin code), just in case you lose your print out. A trainer will be present to explain and interpret your print out at the time of your body fat testing.

Trainers will also be on site to help answer any questions you have regarding what these numbers mean and how they pertain to your overall fitness and your goals.

How can I connect directly with the certified dietitian?

The CG registered dietitian responds to comments in the discussion section of the CG FIT app. Review all of the guidance available and if you have a question, do not hesitate to comment!